PressTV-Brexit deal is ‘doomed’, says May’s key ally

British Prime Minister Theresa May has been hit with a fresh blow in her efforts to go through the parliament with a controversial European Union divorce agreement, as Michael Fallon, a former defense minister and a key ally of May in the divided Conservative Party, has said the deal is “doomed” and must be renegotiated.

Fallon told BBC Radio on Tuesday that he had changed his mind about the Brexit deal negotiated and championed by May, saying he would reject it once it comes for a final vote in the House of Commons on December 12.

“I don’t think this gives us the certainty that we need and it is therefore a gamble.” Fallon said, adding that British negotiators should head back to Brussels to secure a better divorce agreement.

May has embarked on a massive campaign of promoting her Brexit deal among the British public as she hopes the people persuade their lawmakers in the parliament to approve the deal and allow it to go into effect…

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