PressTV-Boris Johnson compares Brexit deal to ‘suicide vest’

Former British foreign minister Boris Johnson has renewed his attacks on the UK government’s handling of Brexit talks with the European Union, saying the country will have to accept EU rule forever when it leaves the bloc in March next year.

In an article for The Mail on Sunday newspaper, Johnson said that Prime Minister Theresa May’s strategy for leaving the EU, which is known as the Chequers plan, would mean a suicide for Britain.

“We have opened ourselves to perpetual political blackmail. We have wrapped a suicide vest around the British constitution,” wrote Johnson.

The EU would have the power to “detonate” Britain whenever it wanted, he added.

Johnson, who resigned from May’s cabinet in early July to protest the Chequers plan, said government’s proposals for remaining as close as possible to the EU’s single market after it leaves the bloc  would be a humiliation.

“At every stage in the talks so far, Brussels gets…

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