PressTV-Bomb threat prompts evacuation in England

UK police and Defense Ministry officers have been rushed to Essex, in southeast England, to see to reports of a potential bomb attack targeting an American-linked supermarket.

Media reports said the Asda branch supermarket in Chelmer Village, in Chelmsford, was evacuated after reports emerged of a suspicious package left in the shopping center.

A Ministry of Defense explosive ordinance disposal (EOD) unit was swiftly dispatched to the store, which is linked to American giant Walmart, to investigate the case. Police and other security staff were ordering people and other personnel out while advising scared people living in the area not to approach the scene.

“Something is going down at Chelmer Village Asda. All three emergency services are there and more are appearing on blues and twos. Police have closed off the access to the car park,” said a bystander.

Both the store and the car park remained cordoned off until 1 pm local time as…

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