PressTV-Basra closure shows US ‘messed up’ in Iraq

The US messed up in Iraq and now they want to make Iran a scapegoat for their botched policies, according to a former Pentagon official.

Former Pentagon security analyst Michael Maloof told Press TV in a phone interview on Saturday that the US State Department’s decision to close and evacuate its consulate in Basra in southern Iraq is proof that Washington messed up.

The US State Department ordered closed the consulate over what it deemed as security risks following violent incidents in the southern Iraqi city.

Maloof said that the US has lost control in Iraq due to the dire security situation there.  

“The US realized that it is absolutely losing its ability to control events in Iraq generally because of the political situation there,” he said.

Maloof noted that the people of Iraq are against US presence in the country 

“People of Iraq have decided that they don’t want the US influence around any longer, because of all…

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