PressTV-Anti-war protesters rally in NYC against Syria strike

Anti-war protesters have held demonstrations in New York City, calling on the world to “defend Syria and defeat US imperialism,” after President Donald Trump ordered a military strike against the war-ravaged country.

The protesters rallied in Union Square, New York City, on Saturday, after the US, British and French forces launched airstrikes against government facilities in Syria. 

The protesters were holding signs, reading, “US out of Syria and the near East” and “No War on Syria”  and “US/NATO Get Your Bloody Hands Off Syria.”

They called Trump “a fascist,” who should be removed from office.

“We have a plan to drive him out of office,” a protester said, adding, “If you think we can wait it out, if you think we can wait for the Mueller investigation, then you’re not getting (it).”

Trump is determined to “destroy norms, and actually go after the world,” she said, adding, “In the name of humanity,…

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