PressTV-Anti-Brexit group starts push for new referendum

Best for Britain, a multimillion dollar anti-Brexit group, has launched its formal campaign for a second referendum on the country’s membership of the European Union.

The pro-remain campaign group, backed by US Jewish billionaire George Soros, unveiled a roadmap at the launch of its manifesto on Friday that called on MPs to force a referendum with an option on the ballot paper whether to keep Britain in the 28-member bloc.

Best for Britain urged both sides involved in Brexit negotiations to welcome a second vote in less than three years to prevent the UK from leaving the EU, arguing that the issue was diverting time and energy from other political concerns.

The group warned that there was a danger of the political establishment “sleepwalking the country over the Brexit finish line” in March without any clarity over whether the deal will be good for the UK.

“Give us a straight choice between your deal on the best terms you can get or…

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