PressTV-After long silence, US calls Myanmar crimes ‘extreme’

The United States, long mum on Myanmar’s crimes committed against the minority Rohingya Muslims, has released a report blaming only the Southeast Asian country’s military for the “well-planned and coordinated” atrocities.

The US State Department released the findings of what it called a survey of the atrocities on its website on Monday.

“The survey reveals that the recent violence in [Myanmar’s] northern Rakhine State was extreme, large-scale, widespread, and seemingly geared toward both terrorizing the population and driving out the Rohingya residents,” the 20-page report read. “The scope and scale of the military’s operations indicate they were well-planned and coordinated.”

United Nations (UN) investigators said in a report earlier in September that the Rohingya Muslims had faced four of five prohibited acts defined as genocide at the hands of Myanmar’s military in Rakhine State. Another UN report had 

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