PressTV-A look back at Trump’s first two years

US President Donald Trump heads into the second half of his first term with uncertain footing.

Republicans increased their control of the US Senate but, in the House of Representatives, Democrats made significant gains and wrested control of the chamber.

In a divided Congress, the President will find it increasingly difficult to pass major domestic legislation, such as the signature Republican-led tax cut.

More pointedly, since the 2016 election, Democrats have been gnashing their teeth at a raft of actions taken by Trump and members of his administration but they have wielded little leverage to do much about it. Now, unleashed and in charge of the House, Democrats can be expected to launch myriad hearings and investigations.

As well, the Russia investigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller carries on and the expectation among Washington observers is that he will present his findings, either in part or in whole, within the first six…

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