PressTV-130,000 UK children will be homeless at Christmas: Study

More than 130,000 homeless children will be living in temporary accommodation this Christmas in Britain, according to estimates by the homelessness charity Shelter.

Compared with the end of 2017, some 3,000 more children are believed to be homeless – as well as the small number of children sleeping rough, said Shelter in a report published on Wednesday, adding that the figure also includes those living in insecure temporary accommodation.

The calculations mean that one in every 103 children in the UK will be homeless this Christmas, the study found, further revealing the scale of the country’s housing crisis.

The report also estimated that 9,500 children would spend Christmas Day in a hostel or other temporary accommodation, warning that the UK’s housing crisis is now being “felt across a generation.”

In an emergency appeal, the charity criticized the government, saying it had failed to live up to its commitments to reduce the…

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