PressTV-‘1 in 5 Americans wants Second Amendment repeal’

A national opinion poll shows that only one in five Americans want a repeal of the Second Amendment right to bear arms and support the call for new restrictions on gun ownership.

The survey, conducted by the Economist and YouGov polling company in February, published the results on Tuesday, indicating that just 21 percent of the voters said they favored the revocation of the constitutional amendment in comparison with the 60 percent in opposition.

The poll, however, showed surprisingly robust support (39 percent) for Second Amendment repeal among Democrats and by contrast just 8 percent of Republicans said they would support a full repeal.

The survey also showed that a large number of Americans did not view the Second Amendment as something set in stone.

Forty-six percent of voters said they favored modifying the Second Amendment to allow for stricter regulations, compared to 39 percent who were opposed. Over three-quarters of Democrats said…

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