PM vows to protect UK troops in Iraq from legal abuse

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has vowed to protect British troops in Iraq war from any instances of legal abuse, defending an eight-year occupation of the Arab country.

Addressing a meeting with senior British military commanders on Thursday, May said “every effort must be made” to prevent any abuse of the legal system against army forces, adding that she is determined to stop “vexatious” claims being brought against UK soldiers who fought in Iraq.

Backing UK’s policy regarding conflicts in the world and the Middle East, the British premier said, “Our armed forces are the best in the world and with the biggest defense budget in Europe and the second biggest in NATO. We will continue to play our part on the world stage, protecting UK interests across the globe.”

The remarks were made amid mounting criticism of the Iraq Historic Allegation Team (IHAT), which is set up to investigate allegations of murder, abuse and torture by British troops.

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