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n the old Greek mythology, the opening of Pandora’s box unleashed many evils on the world. Within the next few years, we will see a modern Pandora’s box being opened that will lead to events in the world which will be as devastating as when the ancient box was opened. The very big difference is that this time the consequences will not be part of historical mythology. Instead they will be real and catastrophic for the whole world on a scale never experienced in history.

Pandora – the all giving – was the first human woman created by the Greek gods. Zeus ordered her creation to punish humanity due to Prometheus’ theft of the secret of fire, a secret he gave to humanity. Pandora got hold of a Box (actually a jar) belonging to Prometheus’s brother and opened it, thereby letting out all the evils of humanity including death and disease. Realising her mistake she closed the jar and the only thing left inside was Hope.

Just as the punishment Pandora inflicted on humanity, the world will in coming years be punished for the excesses, debts, deceit, lies, decadence, and lack of moral and ethical values. As the modern Pandora’s box is opened, there will be so many problems and shocks that the world will experience that the list will be endless.

There have been numerable periods in history when a sound economy based on sound principles has been transformed into massive debts, money printing and war. Some of these cycles have been of a smaller magnitude and virtually all of them have been local or regional. Thus we have seen many examples of economic collapse in individual countries like Argentina or in regions like the Roman Empire.

But never before in history has virtually every country and every region been insolvent or bankrupt…

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