Over 50 Groups Call on Grassley to Resign as Judiciary Committee Chair

As Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) put on a “genuinely unhinged” performance during Thursday’s Senate hearing with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford — constantly interrupting Democratic senators and repeatedly inserting self-serving rants between questioning — more than 50 Iowa-based and national groups representing hundreds of thousands of Americans sent a letter denouncing Grassley’s “failed leadership” and demanding that he immediately resign as chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Slamming Grassley’s efforts to rush through Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh without a federal investigation of Ford’s credible sexual assault allegations, the groups accused Grassley of injecting “partisan politics and misogynistic bullying” into the Judiciary Committee’s leadership.

“You have publicly bullied a woman who has stepped forward to report allegations of sexual assault,” the letter states. “You and your staff had knowledge of the allegation prior to it becoming public, and prepared a defense for the nominee while expeditiously moving through the nomination process with the hope it would never be uncovered. Once the allegation was made public, you rejected past precedent, and refused a request for the FBI to investigate further, instead relying on your staff to investigate.”

“The nomination process of a Supreme Court nominee is not about you personally, but it is about whether Americans have confidence in your leadership,” the letter concludes. “After the events of the past few weeks, we have lost all confidence you can lead the Judiciary Committee without tainting this and any subsequent nomination process with politics. For the good of the country, and for the future of an independent judicial branch free from politics, we urge you to resign as chair of the Committee on Judiciary immediately.”

Grassley has come under fire…

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