Outrage as US-Saudi Coalition Undermines UN Resolution Endorsing Yemen Ceasefire

“The US should be doing everything we can to support the ceasefire, not undermining it. Disgusting!”

That was how Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) responded to news on Thursday that the Trump administration teamed up with Saudi Arabia to delay a United Nations Security Council resolution endorsing the Hodeidah ceasefire agreement reached last week.

Arguing that the beseiged people of Yemen can’t afford any more delays, Sanders noted that “85,000 children have already starved to death” and “millions more face the prospect of famine and death” due to the years-long US-backed Saudi assault.

As the Guardian reported, Yemeni government officials warned that the Hodeidah ceasefire could quickly collapse if a Security Council resolution endorsing the agreement is not adopted soon.

“A retired Dutch general, Patrick Cammaert, is on his way to Hodeidah to oversee a two-stage withdrawal of all troops from Hodeidah, but without the legal mandate of a UN resolution, [he] is largely powerless,” the Guardian noted.

While the US is reportedly objecting to the resolution because it doesn’t contain reference to Iran’s role in arming of the Houthi rebels — a role that critics say is often exaggerated by the American press and foreign policy establishment — the Saudis are insisting that the resolution cannot contain any mention of UN war crimes investigations into the kingdom’s bombardment of Yemen.

In a tweet responding to the US and Saudi Arabia’s efforts to delay the resolution, Oxfam America declared, “The UN Security Council needs to adopt…

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