On Violence | Dissident Voice

Let’s just start of with the base assumption that “violence is bad.” This is a truism, of course, but in embracing what is a self-evident truth, we often loose sight of what violence means when discussing violence within the wider scope of human expression and political framings.

Now, let’s turn towards other serious questions tangential to violence that are nonetheless part of the political choreographies that frame violence from one society to the next.  For instance, why does violence not “outbreak,” but rather is always enacted?  How might violence be created by other violences?  And how does the media often give violence a pass by offering oblique or politically charged explanations for violence? One example that comes to mind is the collusion between Western media and government which frames certain types of violence as more depraved than other types.  Another might be the way that our violence, inevitably labelled as “wars,” are always just (somehow devoid of  death), while what others do is inversely much more violent and deadly regardless of actual body count or political history.

For instance, the suicide bomber is typically framed by both the state and media as empty of all meaning.  The suicide bomber is portrayed as a subject who craves martyrdom, refuses all humanity because: madness, diabolical, hate-filled, etc. Such explanations elide the social obligation that we have to understand that these violences most often occur, in…

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