On Turning 60 – LewRockwell

“My biggest fear is a health crisis that will degrade my life, or that of a member of my family.”

In response to my recent post on the brevity of life and the difficulty in making changes, I received an insightful response from long-time correspondent, Kevin M. who writes the Out Of Your Rut blog. (Here’s one of his recent posts: Is 75 the New 65? There May Be No Choice)

I found myself nodding in recognition of Kevin’s observations on turning 60. (I’m 64.) Many readers may feel they speak to turning 50 or even 40.

Here is Kevin’s commentary:

“Excellent report. I turned 60 this year, and share many of your observations. It’s good to see you articulate what many are feeling, but few discuss.

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Here are some of my own random thoughts on turning 60:

— I’m at what I feel is the best time in my life, an outcome my younger self would never have anticipated. Life really is strange.

— I spend more time being thankful for the things I’ve done in my life, and think increasingly less on the ones I haven’t. I attribute this in part to making major life changes in my 50s.

— Taking the above point a step further, I remain open to future changes. Flexibility is one of our best allies as we age, but one so many abandon as they get older.

— A point you made so clearly, life goes by much faster than we can imagine in what used to be the endless days of youth. That’s painfully obvious now.

— Life is not as “clean” as I once thought it could be. It’s downright messy, and that doesn’t change when you reach some theoretical golden years.

— Like you, many of my best ideas lay waste in the graveyard. But at this point I reckon I was never…

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