On the Failure of the Communist Coup in the USSR

There was a follow-up by a site member on a forum.

August 1991 Coup attempt “The failed coup against Gorbachev occurred on August 18, 1991” My wife and I were returning from a couple of months in Eastern Europe, mostly in Russia. Our hosts were Ham Radio operators that had invited me to tour Russia. My call sign was well-known worldwide and that is why it happened.We later learned how the Coup was stopped. Our Russian Ham Radio friends just happened to have a Ham Radio station in the building where Gorbachev was located. The telephone and power lines had been cut to stop the military from learning of the Coup. One of our Ham friends was able to get a message out that quickly got to the military. They showed up and stopped the Coup.

A few months later one of those Russian Hams was visiting the USA and came to California. We hosted him and he explained how it all happened.

This will be very hard to believe, but the only reliable communication in Russia was Ham Radio. Private people had an underground system that actually worked. They also knew that the propaganda was crap because they could talk with us anytime that they wanted. However, we learned that it was mostly them listening to us talk on Ham Radio amongst ourselves that they learned about our lifestyle.

Nothing there worked. If it weren’t for the “black market” there would have been nothing to eat. I could tell stories for days about life in Russia. We stayed in private homes for most of our time.

Easton responded in an email to me.

This is correct. Ham radio was critical to provide the general population with the truth to counter the continuous lies of the Soviet State. As an Amateur Extra Class “ticket holder” myself, I too know the power of Ham Radio operators in keeping freedom alive worldwide. Amateur Radio is a vital…

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