Neo-Nazi youth leader recorded saying ‘Hitler was wrong to show Jews mercy’

Jack Renshaw, a spokesman for the British far-right fascist group National Action, is facing a criminal investigation after a recording emerged of him telling a secret meeting that Hitler’s only mistake was to have shown the Jewish people “mercy.”

In the recording, taken at an event called the Yorkshire Forum earlier this year, Renshaw is heard sharing extreme anti-Semitic views.

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“Hitler was right in many senses, but you know where he was wrong? He showed mercy to people who did not deserve mercy,” the young man says in the recording, heard by the Times.

“As nationalists, we need to learn from the mistakes of the National Socialists and we need to realize that, no, you do not show the Jew mercy,” he added.

Renshaw, a one-time university organizer for the British National Party (BNP), also said that white supremacists had to have a “killer instinct” and that Jewish people should be “eradicated.”

He is now under criminal investigation by the West Yorkshire Police for “potential anti-Semitic comments.”

A further inquest is being held by the Crown Prosecution Service with the help of Lancashire Police for a series of comments made by Renshaw at a North West Infidels rally in March.

He was filmed at the Blackpool event commenting on how Britain had been on the “wrong side” in World War II.

In his words, Britain should have fought alongside the Nazis, “who were there to remove Jewry from Europe once and for all.”

National Action extolls Thomas Mair, the far-right terrorist who murdered Labour MP Jo Cox in the run up to the EU referendum. The killer’s first words uttered in court, “Death to traitors, freedom for Britain,” have since been adopted by National Action as its motto.

Earlier this year, Matthew Collins from anti-fascist group Hope Not Hate said of Renshaw: “Watching him rise through the depleted ranks of the far-right has also seen his moral and social decline.

“Despite being in his twenties now, Renshaw still likes to hide under the pretense that because he looks like a child, he can still behave like one.”

Campaigners including Collins have warned that neo-Nazi groups such as National Action are now turning more violent than ever, and that others could be spurred into committing hate crimes if the government does not start treating them as terrorist organizations.

A top counter-terrorism officer said last week that police forces are receiving more and more reports of far-right threats of violence.

“Over the past 12 months, there have been indications that the threat from [the] extreme right-wing could be increasing and we are alive to this,” said Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu.

“Currently just under 10 percent of all Prevent referrals relate to the extreme right wing, and we have put programs in place to support those at risk of being radicalized,” he added.

The Times reported over the weekend that another far-right group, Knights Templar International, is now fundraising to equip vigilantes and train them to take eastern European migrants captive.

Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.