My Star Is Rising! – LewRockwell

The bilge pump on the ship of state is working overtime, and starting to groan.  A new kind of foul smell is permeating the halls of power, as if the festering boil of deep state interests just blew a pus-filled abscess.   The rising tide of my old neocon bosses from the Pentagon is upon us!

Doug Feith, by General Tommy Frank’s observation “the f%&^ing stupidest guy on the face of the earth” just spent two hours in the oval Monday morning, interviewing for a job with President Trump!

The short-lived America-First non-interventionism that earned Trump the votes of working people and veterans all over this country has worried both the deep state and the neoconservative visionaries for nearly two years.  Remember, only two years ago Trump was one of many Republican presidential hopefuls, and with Rand Paul was one of two or three being completely written off by both parties, and hated lavishly by neoconservative media and pundits.  They had their candidates in both parties, several Republicans who would have made war famously and obediently, and Hillary would have out-bombed them all in her first 100 days.

Trump connected with people and what they wanted government to do more of, and what they wanted government to do less of.  One of the things they wanted less of was to go out and look for monsters to destroy.  They wanted troops and money to stay at home, and Trump voters – in a voting bloc never before seen – cheerfully shared his contempt for the state.  Trump was the perfect candidate, and has been enjoyed by many as President, because he says out loud what we were all thinking.

Social media cheered last week after Trump stated that he would be withdrawing troops from Syria – that it wasn’t our fight, we weren’t…

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