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From The Tom Woods Letter:

Before I tell you, let me be clear: I’ve insisted to my kids that they are not required to agree with me or be clones of me.

But I think hanging around with me a lot does have an effect.

(You may have heard me tell this story before, but since when does a proud Dad tell a story only once?)

Someone from Lockheed Martin was set to come to Regina’s school when she was in eighth grade. (In case you’re wondering: Regina, who’s 15 now but was 13 then, goes to a different school these days. And it’s her sisters who have used the Ron Paul Curriculum.) Students were told they could ask what they liked.

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So the night before, she and I crafted this question, which she was at pains to emphasize she was asking respectfully:

“Should Americans be concerned that a lot of people from Lockheed Martin wind up in government, where they advocate military spending and foreign policy that appear to benefit Lockheed Martin?”

He was not prepared for that, I don’t think.

He replied that he didn’t know anyone from the company who had gone into government, and that they didn’t always get what they wanted anyway. He then transitioned into a warning about the importance of bring militarily prepared against our potential adversaries.

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Now trust me: Regina is not any kind of provocateur. But she’s also a skeptic of the establishment, including institutions like the military-industrial complex, and she thought she couldn’t just sit there through questions like, “How fast do your planes go?”

This is…

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