MSNBC’s Scarborough Shocked That Americans Support “Overtly Bigoted, Racist” Trump

“I do wonder how do you exactly square that in your mind”

Steve Watson
November 6, 2018

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough spent the morning expressing shock that Americans would support President Trump by essentially handing the Republican Party a seal of approval in the mideterm elections.

While Democrats took control of the House of Representatives, the GOP bested the historical average for midterm elections, prompting Trump to declare a “big victory”.

The Morning Joe crew were apoplectic that the results did not represent the so called ‘blue wave’ they had been predicting for months.

“A lot of Americans decided to go out and vote,” Scarborough said, adding “to support a man who spent the last month of the campaign not making subtle appeals to racism, but making overtly bigoted racist statements, attacking brown people, attacking people who were the others.”

“And you could look at the lies. Again, this is — what was he lying about? The answer? Everything.” Scarborough continued.

The host then repeated the attack on Trump and those who supported him in the midterms.

“And I do sit here this morning and I do wonder how do you exactly square that in your mind that you went out specifically to support a guy that gained the praise of David Duke, that gained the praise of white nationalists that acted the way he did in the last month of the campaign?” he said.

The President followed up his ‘victory’ tweet with another promising that those Republicans who refused to get on board with his agenda would be disappearing soon:

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