Mike Pompeo Claims Terror Threat as Cause for US Action in Venezuela

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Fox News reporter Trish Regan on Wednesday that Hezbollah, a Shi’a group based in Lebanon, has a presence in Venezuela.

“People don’t recognize that Hezbollah has active cells. The Iranians are impacting the people of Venezuela and throughout South America,” Pompeo told Regan in a Fox News exclusive on Wednesday. “We have an obligation to take down that risk for America.”

Last week, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and White House national security advisor John Bolton announced new sanctions aimed at ousting Venezuelan dictator Nicholas Maduro. Bolton warned that “the president has made it very clear … that all options are on the table” and vowed a “significant response” should any US citizens be harmed while holding a legal notepad that featured a scribbled note that read “5,000 troops in Colombia.”

“The Cubans invaded Venezuela. The Cubans have been controlling the security apparatus, protecting Maduro and destroying the way of life for the Venezuelan people for an awfully long time,” Pompeo explained to Regan.

He added, “Today we tried to deliver humanitarian assistance from … the United States and Colombia into Venezuela and the Venezuelan military under the direction of Mr. Maduro stopped that. This is horrific stuff.”

Pompeo has emerged as a controversial figure among Democrats for a previous declaration he has made to a Fox News host.

Last month Sen. Robert Menendez, D-NJ, criticized Pompeo for telling Fox News host Sean Hannity that there is a “risk that we have terrorists comes across that border.” In response, the New…

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