Met’s anti-robber squad rams mobile thieves off the roads in new war on crime

Daily Mail
November 23, 3018

Breathtaking footage shows police knocking moped muggers off their bikes in new tactics to stamp out the scooter crime-wave that has plagued London.

Dashcam video released today shows a squad of specially trained drivers carrying out so called ‘tactical contacts’, which involve tipping crooks off their scooters or dumping them on the bonnets of police cars.

One incredulous rider raises his hands in indignation after he is sent clattering to the ground, and another told police: ‘I took my helmet off so I thought you’d stop chasing me.’

The Met says it only uses the tactic as a last resort to stop muggers who are a risk to pedestrians or putting police in danger.

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This article was posted: Friday, November 23, 2018 at 9:03 am

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