Melania missing? Bizarre conspiracy theory insists FLOTUS is a ‘body double’ — RT US News

Melania Trump’s first public post-hospital appearance after a three-week absence didn’t seem to make conspiracy theories about her “missing” go away, with many on the internet insisting it wasn’t the first lady, but a body double.

The First Lady of the United States welcomed American prisoners released by North Korea back to the US on May 10 and then disappeared for 25 days. During that time, the White House announced in formal statement Melania underwent an “embolization procedure” for a “benign kidney condition.”

But the internet quickly came up with other, much more creative, explanations for Melania Trump’s absence. The theories ranged from the first lady getting ready to testify against Donald Trump in the ‘Russiagate’ probe to becoming a victim of an evil AI, which runs not only the US, but our whole reality.

Melania has finally appeared in public on Monday, accompanying the president at an evening to honor Gold Star parents at the White House. Her presence at the event was backed by several photos and video on social media.

But the web was, of course, unconvinced, especially, after it was reported that Melania didn’t address the crowd and no photo journalists were invited to the event. The last year’s conspiracy theory that FLOTUS, actually, has a body double has instead received a new boost. 

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Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.