May promises to step-up slavery fight in UK

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has raised the government’s budget to fight modern slavery, saying thousands of people have fallen victim to the issue in Britain.

“This government is determined to build a Great Britain that works for everyone and will not tolerate modern slavery, an evil trade that shatters victims’ lives and traps them in a cycle of abuse,” May said, announcing a £33 million boost to London’s anti-slavery efforts.

Government estimates suggest that up to 13,000 people may be subject to slavery in Britain today.

“Last year I introduced the world-leading Modern Slavery Act to send the strongest possible signal that victims were not alone and that those responsible for this vile exploitation would face justice,” the premier noted.

The announcement came days after British anti-slavery commissioner Kevin Hyland expressed concerns over the country’s failure to adequately probe reports of human trafficking and modern slavery.

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