Masked Antifa Thug Attacks Security Guard With Megaphone

Chaotic scenes outside Portland City Hall

Paul Joseph Watson
August 9, 2018


Video footage shows a masked Antifa thug smashing a security guard over the head with a megaphone as a group of irate leftists attempt to storm Portland City Hall.

The chaos began when the group showed up to protest claims of police brutality during a counter-demonstration against the Patriot Prayer group on Saturday.

“One demonstrator, who was masked and wearing a baseball helmet, smashed a security guard over the head repeatedly with a megaphone. The guard was seen afterward clutching a bag of ice, a bruise beginning to form on his cheek,” reports the Oregonian.

The group also later attacked a woman, City Hall security chief Dorothy Elmore, who said she was struck by a protester in the arm.

The irony of leftists complaining about being injured by police while some in their group simultaneously attacked and injured people who had nothing to do with the demonstration appeared to be lost on them.

Proving once again why Antifa wear masks – so they can commit violent crimes – the individual responsible for the assault made sure to hide his face.

The mainstream media still largely refuses to accurately report that Antifa is a violent organization which attacks innocent people, despite the group being designated as a terrorist outfit by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.

Meanwhile, Eric Clanton, the Antifa professor who smashed a man in the head with a bike lock during a free speech rally in Berkeley last year, causing serious injury, just struck a probation deal and will avoid jail despite committing a violent assault that could have resulted in the death of his victim.


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