Marijuana Did Not Kill Your Son

I occasionally get some unusual responses when I write about the evils of the government’s war on drugs.

On election day, Tuesday, November 6, I had an article published on this website titled “Voting Right.” The article was about the marijuana ballot initiatives that were being voted on that day. I maintained in the article that voting right meant voting in favor of ballot initiatives to legalize the medical or recreational use of marijuana.

I took this position because, as a libertarian, I believe that there should be no laws at any level of government for any reason regarding the buying, selling, growing, processing, transporting, manufacturing, advertising, using, or possessing of any drug for any reason.

This is not because libertarians believe that drugs are beneficial or harmless and not addictive or dangerous, but because

1) it is not the proper role of government make such laws,

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2) anyone should be able to do anything that’s peaceful as long as he doesn’t infringe upon the personal or property rights of others, and

3) a free society has to include the right of people to use or abuse drugs.

Just because libertarians oppose the war on drugs doesn’t mean that they believe it would be a good thing for anyone to use drugs, that they are indifferent to or unconcerned about the dangers of drugs in the hands of children, or that they are naïve about the potentially negative consequences of drug abuse.

In my article I called for the war on drugs to be ended immediately and completely, although the article was mainly about marijuana.

Here is the only negative response to the article that I received. I have obscured the…

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