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France likes to call itself America’s oldest and closest ally.  Indeed, the American Revolution might never have succeeded without strong French military support.

However, France bankrupted itself supporting the American Revolution.  This, in turn, helped ignite the French Revolution that cost poor King Louis XVI his head.    The United States twice intervened in Europe’s wars to rescue France, amply repaying the debt.  As US General ‘Blackjack’ Pershing nobly proclaimed on the arrival of US troops in France in World War I, ‘Lafayette, we are here.’

This past week, France’s new, young, president, Emmanuel Macron, came to Washington to give guidance to his American allies who are afflicted by farcical governance and chaos worthy of an unstable banana republic.  He was greeted with fanfare by President Trump.

Diplomacy, like spring, is bursting out all over.  In addition to Macron’s visit to Washington, mighty forces were at work in Asia.  The meeting of Korea’s two leaders to discuss peace issues was a truly historic, even moving event that augers well for peace.  Washington even played a positive role in this demarche.

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India’s dynamic prime minister, Narendra Modi, met in Wuhan with China’s leader, Xi Jinping, in a very important effort to defuse rising border tensions between the two nuclear-armed giant Asian rivals.

Only the bleeding Mideast was left out of the spring peace offensive.

Europe was hoping that Macron might be able to use French Cartesian logic and traditional French diplomatic skills to talk some sense into the flailing Trump administration.

After delivering kisses and hugs, Macron then…

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