Leftists Respond To Fire At Trump Tower

Staying classy, as usual

Steve Watson
Prison Planet.com
January 8, 2018

The news of a fire breaking out on top of Trump Tower in New York brought out the usual sub-human subjects on Twitter, who wished that it would destroy the building with The President inside.

The fire broke out on the roof of the 58-story Trump Tower on 5th Avenue, and was thankfully prevented from spreading inside by over 100 firefighters on the scene.

Initial reports suggested that the blaze was due to an issue with an electrical box, no evacuations were made and only two minor injuries were reported.

The fire was said to be under control by 7:30 am. The President and his family were not in residence, much to the disappointment of deranged anti-Trumpers on social media.

Here are some of the classy responses:

And it continued:

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