Jeremy Corbyn puts forward no confidence motion in Theresa May over Brexit deal vote — RT UK News

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has called for a no confidence vote in Theresa May, saying the UK is facing a constitutional crisis and the prime minister is the architect.

The move comes after May revealed that MPs will not have a chance to vote on her Brexit deal until at least January 21. In response, Corbyn said that putting the vote off until next month is unacceptable.

The vote no confidence would be in prime minister rather than her government, which means it would not be binding.

In addition to Corbyn, 29 other MPs, 15 peers, and five MEPs have signed a letter urging Labour leaders to call for the no confidence vote. May cancelled the vote on the Brexit deal that was scheduled for December 11. Labour lawmakers believe May is simply trying to “run down the clock.”

“What is irresponsible is delaying a vote on her agreement, not because she is going to get any changes to it but because she wants to run down the clock and try and intimidate MPs into supporting it to avoid no deal,” Labour lawmaker Liz Kendall said in parliament on Monday. put the Brexit deal before parliament this week.

May has faced backlash from all sides following the Brexit deal, with several ministers resigning after the agreement was secured with the EU. She survived a no confidence vote from her own party earlier in December, criticizing the prime minister for the Brexit plan agreed with the EU.


Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.