How Does Homeschooling Work? – LewRockwell

A growing number of homeschooling families are members of the preparedness community and vice versa. Some families choose home education and are introduced to emergency preparedness and homesteading concepts by others in their local homeschool groups and co-ops; some are already involved in prepping and decide homeschooling is the best option for protecting their children during a time of school shootings and political upheaval.

As well, many families who love their public or private schools are very interested in resources for teaching children prior to their school years, during school cancellations, or in a neighborhood one-room schoolhouse post-collapse. Whether you’ve considered dipping your toe into homeschooling or just want to know more about how homeschooling works, there are plenty of great resources out there if you’re willing to look.

#1) We all homeschool to some extent

First of all, it’s important to understand that every involved parent is actually homeschooling part-time, whether they realize it or not. Offering support of your children’s passions and interests, stocking your shelves with great literature, heading out on family field trips, and involving children of all ages in the work of the homestead are key factors in “life schooling”.

There’s so much to learn if your family practices a back to basics lifestyle, and there are always ways to integrate each family member’s talents and innate skills as both an educational experience and something that serves the whole family. The young child planting beans beside you today may be the one whose farm supports an entire community twenty years from now. The mechanically inclined child (you know, the one who is always taking apart the lawn mower) is the one to…

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