GOP Tries to Grow Senate Majority With Inexperienced Male Candidates

The GOP has a lot of work to do if the party hopes to gain a filibuster-proof  majority in the Senate come 2018. After all, to get to the magic 60 they’ll have to keep every seat they already have, in addition to flipping 9 of the 26 seats currently held by Democrats or those who caucus with them.

Conservatives are focusing intently on the 10 blue seats held in states that President Donald Trump won in the 2016 election. But how they campaign for those seats appears to vary based on the gender of the incumbent. And, interestingly, Republicans seem to be coming up with a cookie-cutter approach to opposing Democratic women.

The question is, will this strategy work — or will it blow up in their faces?

Of the nine Democratic female Senate candidates up for reelection, the three most vulnerable are Missouri Sen. Claire McGaskill, North Dakota Sen. Heidi Heidkamp and Wisconsin Sen. Tammy Baldwin. The GOP struggled to find anyone to run against Heidkamp, eventually settling on the semi-problematic Republican Congressman Kevin Cramer, hoping his name recognition will help out in the end.

Meanwhile, both McGaskill and Baldwin face primary frontrunners that look very similar. Both are GOP prospects are young, male, white and backed by very serious big money, despite their lack of political experience.

Wisconsin Republican Kevin Nicholson has mostly cleared out his path to the Republican Senate nomination in Wisconsin. Even without any political experience, this Marine Corps veteran and former Democrat is so far polling far ahead of Leah Vukmir, a GOP state senator with a decade in the legislature.

The key to the Nicholson’s steamroller over his opponent? Massive spending from outside the state. So far, most of that money has come from one Illinois businessman who has made Nicholson his latest “investment”: Richard Uihlein of Illinois.

But Uihlein is just one of the national interests throwing money at this Wisconsin race before the actual candidates have even been…

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