GOP Election Fraud Could Force New Vote in North Carolina

Now, a second look at the race suggests that the margin may very well have been the result of GOP election-stealing. And as a result of that fraud, the district may have to start all over with a brand new election.

Far-right Southern Baptist pastor Mark Harris beat GOP incumbent Representative Robert Pittenger in the party primary, but he struggled in the general election against Democrat Dan McCready.

Harris — who believes that the earth was created just 10,000 years ago and that wives need to submit to their husbands because the Bible says so — barely eked out his alleged November victory, coming just 905 votes ahead of McCready out of more than 200,000 votes cast.

Now that the elections board has looked closer at the actual ballots, however, they’ve realized something is clearly wrong with the results. In multiple counties in the North Carolina district, there was a flood of requests for absentee ballots. While that may not have been unusual, the pattern of which ballots were turned in on Election Day certainly was.

The New Yorker reports:

[A]n analysis of the voting data by the Raleigh News & Observer found that “the unreturned ballots are disproportionately associated with minority voters,” who tend to vote for Democrats over Republicans. In Robeson County, seventy-five per cent of the absentee ballots requested by African-Americans and sixty-nine per cent of those requested by American Indians were never received by the state.

But that wasn’t the only problem. Of those ballots that were cast, many of them appear to have been put in unsealed envelopes, and there were about a dozen people witnessing over 600 votes. Both factors, when examined together,…

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