Girlfriend of Kushner’s brother in hot water for urging fans to call lawmakers — RT US News

Victoria’s Secret model and girlfriend of the brother of top Trump aide Jared Kushner, Karlie Kloss, got scorched on Twitter for urging fans to “call politicians” to support a US bill limiting the separation of immigrant families.

“Politicizing the lives of these defenseless children is heartless. We have to be the voices for these kids, and I support anyone standing up to do right by them,” Kloss tweeted on Wednesday.

While Kloss’ followers applauded her stance, many were bemused by her call. Critics pointed fingers at her close ties to top US politicians and urged her to call them herself instead. Kloss is the girlfriend of Joshua Kushner, the brother of Trump’s senior adviser Jared.

Others suggested that calling Ivanka Trump, Jared’s wife, would actually have a better effect.

Some users rushed to defend her, arguing that the political standpoints of her and her boyfriend would not be that influential within Donald Trump’s close circle. Joshua Kushner is a long-time Democrat supporter, and he publicly stated that he did not vote for Trump during the 2016 elections.


Other Twitterati argued, however, that Kloss’ words were not enough by any means and urged her to open up the coffers to fund the initiative to keep migrant families together herself.

Some users pointed fingers at Democrats themselves, stating that the laws that allow the separation of migrant children from their families actually originate from the era of Democratic presidents.

A similar approach to defending the “zero-tolerance policies” has been previously used by Donald Trump himself. The US president blamed “bad legislation” for the issue of separated families, while accusing Democrats of creating the problem in the first place due to a failure to enact tougher border security laws.

The zero-tolerance policies came into force in May, meaning that any adult coming into the US illegally would be prosecuted and any who entered with children would be separated from them while awaiting legal action.

The tough policies against illegal immigrants, specifically the issue of separating families, drew widespread criticism from human rights advocates, including the UN. The campaign against this practice, however, was somewhat damaged by the use of entirely fake and dated – Obama-era actually – photos of children in cages.

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Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.