Giant inflatable Santa wreaks havoc on UK road (VIDEO) — RT UK News

A rogue inflatable Santa caused havoc for commuters by flopping across two lanes of traffic after breaking free from his moorings. Bemused drivers weren’t quite sure whether to risk the naughty list and go around old Saint Nick.

The bizarre scene took place in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire on Tuesday at roughly 1.30pm local time. Thankfully, eyewitness Muhammad Fareed caught the curious Kris Kringle sighting on his cell phone camera.

One frustrated driver reportedly got out of his car and attempted to puncture the blow-up Father Christmas.

“The road was blocked from both sides. I was shocked about what was going on,” Fareed told Cambridge News. “A car put on his hazards lights and two guys came out and tried to puncture it and take it off the road. But it was really really big so hard to move.”

The UK’s AA (Automobile Association) issued a traffic warning of “slow traffic due to a large inflatable Santa on road on B198 Cromwell Road both ways in Wisbech” though local police said they received no reports.

Some brave drivers did manage to squeeze past the giant inflatable Saint Nick but it remains unclear whether they have been added to the naughty list or not. There were no immediate reports of flying reindeer sightings in the area. Traffic soon returned to normal once Father Christmas was shepherded off the road again.

“That’s one hell of an airbag deployment,” wrote one Facebook user.

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Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.