French Police Remove Helmets in Solidarity With ‘Yellow Vest’ Protesters

Populist revolt continues to sweep Europe

Paul Joseph Watson
December 3, 2018


Video footage out of France shows police officers removing their helmets in solidarity with ‘yellow vest’ protesters who have been demonstrating against gas tax hikes as part of the biggest unrest Paris has seen in 50 years.

Full scale riots described as “urban warfare” and “the worst riots in a generation” took place on Saturday, leading to 133 people being injured and over 400 arrests.

Speculation is now raging that globalist French President Emmanuel Macron will be forced to impose a form of martial law to deal with the chaos.

Video footage out of two different areas shows cops taking off their helmets to cheers from the protesters.

In both cases, protesters responded by breaking out into a rendition of La Marseillaise, the national anthem of France.

While anger at Macron’s gas tax hikes to fight global warming was the factor that kick-started the demonstrations, the protests are part of a wider revolt against the elite and have taken on somewhat of a nationalist tone.

Prominent leaders of the protest movement have outlined their support for failed asylum seekers to be returned to their home countries, for legal immigrants to undergo rigorous integration programs, and for France to introduce popular referendums as part of the country’s constitution.

As As political commentator Kark Sharro explains, what is unfolding is an “organic, leaderless protest movement with no clear ideology” that combines elements from both the political left and right. Protesters are unified in that…

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