Empire’s Electro-Lobotomized Worker Bees

Spinning through time and space on a tiny blue sphere, somewhere in an infinite universe.  Well into my 70th revolution around the burning star which sustains us.  Growing ever-closer to imminent demise, but searching…still searching…ever searching for an infinitesimal shred of understanding.  Just a worker bee, blown off course by a hurricane of conflicting information.  Separated and alienated from my Hive long ago.

Somewhere deep within the Hive, and hidden from their underlings, the Banking Queen and her Wall Street/Government Drones disseminate electronic misinformation, manipulate the masses, and scheme to control or conquer neighboring colonies. ‘Tis the Hive of Empire. The exceptional Hive. The all-powerful one. Hive of the feared, loathed, and despised.  The Hive of Empire wields unthinkable destructive power, rattling its saber constantly, lest anyone forget it.  Swarms of uniformed, armed killer bees infiltrate neighboring colonies across every inch of the tiny blue sphere.  Info-bees commandeer foreign and domestic media.  Assassin-bees deliver death stings to uncooperative rulers.  Actor/king bees strut, threaten, and remind any doubters who’s running the show.  Worker bees keep noses to the grindstone, hoping only for a small share of milk and honey, bread and circuses.

341 years and counting, the Hive of Empire has grown like a sticky-sweet metastasized melanoma upon our tiny blue sphere.  All the while, those in…

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