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Now this is a story — yet you’ll scarcely hear it anywhere else.

NYU’s Michael Rectenwald spent his life as a leftist — a self-described Marxist, in fact.

But when on Twitter he began to turn against some of the recent excess, particularly on college campuses, the response was swift and merciless.

He says he is completely isolated on campus now. Out of one hundred colleagues, perhaps two will say hello to him. People will not even get in the elevator with him.

Meanwhile, they’ve exiled him to the Russian department — where, he tells me, the folks have also been told he’s a bad person who is not to be spoken to.

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Now — nothing in his experience necessarily implies he would therefore abandon leftism. After all, even under the Soviet Union, there were plenty of cases of communists condemned to death by the Party who continued to believe. “The Party is always right,” they said.

Rectenwald has rather a more interesting, and unique, story to tell.

Wait until you hear the answer when I ask what he’s reading these days.

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