Donors give $1mn boost to Dakota pipeline protests

A fundraiser to support the long-running protests against a pipeline in the US State of North Dakota has crossed the $1 million milestone, far beyond its original goal.

The organizer of the fundraising project had asked for a modest $5,000 to provide food and other commodities to a few dozen people who were camping at one of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL)’s construction sites.

However, much to his surprise, organizer Ho Waste Wakiya Wicasa found that he had raised over a million dollars, raking in a whopping $200,000 between Thursday and Friday alone.

“It still feels unreal sometimes because it is such an astronomical figure to me,” Wicasa said.

“The money goes as quickly as it comes, but without it having been as much as it is, we certainly wouldn’t have been able to be as productive as we have been in the fight,” he added.

The protesters, who have been camping at the construction site since August, have so far received more than $3 million…

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