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The “Resistance” has morphed into the “Lynch Mob.” Having successfully been gaslit into believing Donald Trump is everything from a bad joke to a Russian spy, the Progressive left in the U.S. are embracing all the totalitarian impulses their grabby little hands can find as they climb the Cliffs of their Insanity to remove him from office.

This putsch is orchestrated by a now open conspiracy of members of FBI, CIA, MI-6, DNC, the U.S. corporate media and Trump’s own staff in the Oval Office as evidenced by the recent and infamous New York Times op-ed.

This expose from a Trump staffer reads like a cross between the Neoconservative Manifesto and a Little League parent complaining his kid doesn’t get enough play time.

My bet’s on Lil’ Miss AIPAC, Nikki Haley, but maybe that’s just because I hate her.

The sheer crudity of the thing was embarrassing to anyone who makes their living crafting words. But, when constructing a narrative built on a lie that lie only has to be one IQ point higher than the average target audience to get the intended response.

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And since it’s demonstrably true that the more people gather into groups the dumber they get….

Well, ok, that rules out Haley.

So, while David Brock and George Soros openly pay people to protest on Capitol Hill, Alex Jones personally confronts his tormentors speaking inconvenient truths to power. So, they finally banned him completely from public sight.

From the outside the opera of American politics must look like someone threw a stink bomb on stage while the fat lady was singing.

All of this is undermining the faith in the U.S. political system.

And while to a libertarian like myself this is…

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