Conservatism and Abortion – LewRockwell

Big Conservatism, or the Big Con, having long ago fused with the GOP, embodies its vision in the Republican Party platform.  One of the planks of the latter is the Big Con’s “pro-life” position on abortion.

Now, the most fundamental reason for opposing abortion is that it consists in the killing of an innocent, defenseless human being, a yet-to-be-born child.  This being so, the circumstances in which a child in the womb is conceived are about as morally relevant to the fate of that child as are the circumstances surrounding the conception of the reader of this essay morally relevant to determining his fate.

The circumstances of a human being’s entrance into this world have utterly zero relevance to whether he should live or die.

Yet the merchants of the Big Con, for all of their rhetorical hosannas (particularly during election season) to the sanctity of human life, have a decidedly different track record.

Take the Big Con’s Patron Saint, Ronald Reagan. The 40th POTUS continues to be tirelessly depicted as pro-life.  Yet Reagan opposed abortion except for when he didn’t oppose it.  In other words, he claimed to oppose abortion in all instances except those of rape, incest, and when the life of the mother is endangered.

Unsurprisingly, this tends to be the Big Con’s default position on abortion.  That it is at once a cop-out and inconsistent should be obvious to anyone who slows down the three seconds necessary to see it for what it is.  It is the logical and moral equivalent of the view that the death penalty is wrong—except for when it is administered to murderers, rapists, and child sex predators, etc.

Obviously, anyone who holds this view is not opposed to the death penalty.  Since the whole point of capital…

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