Chuck Schumer Refuses to Endorse Medicare for All

As Medicare for All advocates gear up for what promises to be a long and brutal fight against the powerful industry interests and corporate Democrats committed to upholding the for-profit status quo, critics accused Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) of siding with the latter camp after he insisted in an interview on Sunday that “there are lots of different routes” to a universal healthcare system and refused to endorse single-payer.

Pressed by MSNBC’s Chuck Todd on whether he thinks it’s time for Democrats to unify around Medicare for All — which has the backing of 84 percent of Democratic voters — Schumer dodged, saying, “Look, Democrats are for universal access to healthcare, from one end of the party to the other.”

“We want more people covered, everyone covered; we want better healthcare at a lower cost. People have different views as to how to get there. Many are for Medicare for All, some are for Medicare buy-in, some are Medicare over 55, some are Medicaid buy-in, some are public option,” Schumer added. “I’m going to support a plan that can pass, and that can provide the best, cheapest healthcare for all Americans.”


Single-payer advocates were quick to note in response to Schumer’s interview that the “best, cheapest” way to provide healthcare for every American — as demonstrated by study after study — is Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-Vt.) Medicare for All plan, which was co-sponsored by 16 Senate Democrats when it was reintroduced last year.

“Does Chuck know that free is the cheapest?” asked The Intercept’s Michael Whitney, alluding to the fact that Sanders’ Medicare for All plan would eliminate premiums, co-pays, and…

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