Chile’s Robocops

Robocop is not only a movie. It’s real life in Chile where grown men, disturbingly silly, dress up in armored uniforms, similar to the movie Robocop (Orion Pictures, 1987) bashing peaceful demonstrations of students wearing blue jeans.

_89812289_033153762-1A student demonstration in Chile turned violent

Yes, they beat up and intimidate kids, which is a glaring example of a world gone mad! Ruled by horrifying neoliberal principles of financial domination, controlled by elitist, kicking the daylights out of teenagers. The whole affaire is simply one more example of the spirit of meanness from which neoliberal principles pit the elite class against all others.

Metaphorically, Robocops embody the elites fighting the working classes. Cowardly, in today’s world, the one percent elite no longer swing swords like their forefather patricians of medieval times; rather, they chicken-heartedly watch from afar whilst Robocops do the hard, sweaty, dangerous work in the streets, somewhat similar to Rome’s gladiator battles for public entertainment, as fat, slobbery aristocrats with double chins sit above the fray, chowing down on fresh grapes, fed by young blonde nymphs, plop-plop into gaping mouths.

Nowadays, time stands still in Santiago where harsh, brutal neoliberal policies took root decades ago, a lab project for the University of Chicago. The ghost of General Augusto José Ramón Pinochet Ugarte still tantalizes, corrals, kills, and intimidates students, identical to Costa-Gavras’…

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