Children in Finland Targeted by Genocidal Leftist Depravity

By Mundilfury |

It is one thing to educate, warn, and prepare; it is another thing entirely to indoctrinate, desensitize, and actively encourage transgressions. A purported educational guide being distributed to school-age children in Finland is guilty of the latter distinction. This propaganda campaign has all the hallmarks of similar left-wing sexually depraved how-to manuals that have become all too common across the Western world.

The guide depicts homosexual sex in all of its guises. Meanwhile, depictions of heterosexual relations if they are depicted at all, are often illustrated by a mixed-race couple. All of this is seemingly tempered by a colourful, cartoony style in order to appeal to the young.

Similar ideologically driven state-funded campaigns have been seen in Sweden:

Here is another aimed at Germans produced by the German government:

Colourful pamphlets cannot conceal the genocidal program inherently promoted in these initiatives. Our hostile elites are using the same tactics to maliciously lower the birthrates of white Europeans and to control…

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