Chilcot’s Iraq war inquiry is a road to nowhere: Analyst

The Chilcot inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the 2003 invasion of Iraq and its aftermath into the war is a road to nowhere, and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair won’t be prosecuted for war crimes over his role, says Barry Grossman, an international lawyer and political analyst based in Bali, Indonesia.

Blair on Sunday indicated that he will not accept the verdict of the upcoming Iraq war inquiry report if it accuses him of committing London to invading the Arab country before he told parliament.

“Tony Blair’s suggestion that he is inclined to reject any criticism of him leveled by the Chilcot report is a storm in a tea cop and certainly not surprising since he remains steadfast in his professed belief that he was correct to back the war on Iraq and has no regrets,” Grossman told Press TV on Monday.

“Regardless of his rejection of the report, it will stand on its own and in no way depends on Blair’s acceptance of its…

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