‘Can we spend national holiday without killing something?’ Lee Camp takes on food and war industry — RT US News

In this week’s episode, Lee takes on Big Agriculture and the War on Terror, asking how our food habits are destroying the planet and why Congress is still swooning for the military-industrial complex.

“It’s a fundamentally broken system that is having lots of adverse impacts and one of them is climate,” Scott Edwards of NGO Food & Water Watch told Lee on the influence lawyers from big meat and crop conglomerates have had in crafting US food policy.

“We can’t continue down the road that we’ve been on for the last several decades now.”

Moving to the ongoing US war “in/on” Afghanistan, Lee rails against the record-breaking 5,200 bombs dropped by warplanes on the country so far this year. Embarking on a rant, he colorfully describes war-hungry lawmakers, both red and blue, as “suckling pigs at the teat of the military industrial complex.”

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Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.