Blasey Ford, White Male Privilege and the Reckoning to Come

The TV talk would have you believe Brett Kavanaugh saved his nomination on Thursday afternoon. The talk is wrong. Kavanaugh’s nomination, at least before the Senate Judiciary Committee, was never in need of saving. All the Republican majority members of that committee required to pass him along to a full Senate vote was an excuse, no matter how tattered or shameful, to hang their hat on. They weren’t just “saving” Kavanaugh, however. In every way that matters, they were trying pathetically to save themselves.

The nominee gave them that needed reason in the guise of an elongated tantrum, the likes of which one seldom sees outside the candy aisle of a supermarket or the local Chuck E. Cheese. The Honorable Brett Kavanaugh all but threw himself on the floor and screamed “I want it!” like a grasping, red-faced little boy who can’t quite reach the coveted cookies.

The president loved it, to the astonishment of none. For Donald Trump, watching Kavanaugh on Thursday must have been eerily like looking into a mirror.

Despite the haunting, devastating testimony of Christine Blasey Ford, despite the flood of other women coming forward with their own stories of assault by Brett Kavanaugh, despite the lack of any real investigation of these claims, despite the multiple lies told — screamed, really — to the committee by the nominee on Thursday, despite his many evasions and obvious filibusters, despite a displayed temperament that has no business on the Supreme Court or any other bench for that matter, despite the absolute absence of a ticking clock requiring his immediate confirmation, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted 11-10 to approve Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination for full Senate consideration.

The vote was scheduled for 1:30 pm but was thrown into temporary…

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