Blasey Ford Is “100 Percent Positive” Brett Kavanaugh Attempted to Rape Her

AMY GOODMAN: We end the hour, today, with the questioning of both people who testified yesterday at the Senate judiciary committee, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testified in the morning into the early afternoon, and then Judge Brett Kavanaugh responded, though he said he did not hear her testimony in the morning. This is Senate Judiciary Committee member, Democratic Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois questioning Judge Kavanaugh.

SEN. DICK DURBIN: Judge Kavanaugh, earlier today, Dr. Christine Ford sat in that same chair, and under oath, she said clearly and unequivocally that she was a victim of sexual assault at your hands. She answered our questions directly, and she didn’t flinch at the prospect of submitting herself to an FBIinvestigation of these charges. We know, and I’m sure she’s been advised by her attorneys, that a person lying to the FBI can face criminal prosecution.

You have clearly and unequivocally denied that you assaulted Dr. Ford. With that statement, you must believe that there is no credible evidence or any credible witness that could prove otherwise. You started off with an impassioned statement at the beginning, and I can imagine, try to imagine what you have been through, and your family’s been through, and I’m sure I wouldn’t get close to it. But it was an impassioned…

HON. BRETT KAVANAUGH: No, you wouldn’t.

SEN. DICK DURBIN: I’m sure I wouldn’t. It’s an impassioned statement. And in the course of it, you said, “I welcome any kind of investigation.” I quote you. I welcome any kind of investigation. I’ve got a suggestion for you: right now, turn to your left in the front row to Don McGahn, counsel to President Donald Trump. Ask him to suspend this hearing and nomination process until the FBIcompletes its investigation of the charges made by Dr. Ford and others, and goes to bring the witnesses forward, and provides that information to this hearing. I am sure that the…

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