Ban ROTC From Public Schools

The Parkland school massacre should be the justification for banning ROTC from public schools.

Peter Wang, Alaina Petty, and Martin Duque were murdered by ROTC. They were their students trained to take a bullet for their classmates, their comrades. They are to receive military medals for their bravery and Wang has been awarded a posthumous admittance to West Point. Nicholas Cruz was, in part, trained by ROTC at the same school and wore its shirt on the day of his killing spree. Whether victims or perpetrators, the military in our schools has a responsibility for this bloodshed. These innocent children, the victims, had to have been caught up in the moment, as any person would be. Their actions were based on instinct but also training or conditioning. Nearly all teenagers today are exposed to impersonal mass murdering video games, like Mortal Kombat. For them, death is gory and glory, but unreal. Death is finite, until they get to the next level. Violent death is not something most kids are really exposed to face to face. How unreal and horrifying the situation must have been for these 3 and 14 others!

These three children in particular should have been like any other teen in such a situation. Running for their lives and letting instinct take over, even if that meant sacrificing themselves for others. The three of them had the truest form of altruism in their hearts and souls. But how much of that was conditioned by serving a military?

Many would argue that ROTC…

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