Antifa Cowards Threaten Tucker Carlson at Home

By Alex Christoforou
The Duran

November 10, 2018

Fox News host Tucker Carlson stated on his show, via telephone, that one of the members of the ANTIFA fascist group that threatened his wife at his home may have been a guest on his show.

ANTIFA late night masked gathering at Carlson’s home appears to have been organized by Smash Racism DC, an ANTIFA group that was co-founded by Mike Isaacson, who has appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Tucker Carlson stated while calling into his show…

“I think we know who these people are. In fact, I think one of the people screaming at my wife last night has been a guest on our show.”

“So, these are semi-public people.”

Carlson noted that while he cannot prove that the person he is thinking of was involved in the fascist gathering, DC police are on it and will find out. Carlson further added that what happened at his home was not a protest, but an outright threat.

“If you have something to say, you’re always welcome to come back on and say it. Again, he doesn’t want to say it, he doesn’t want to convince you, he wants to scare you into shutting up.”

RT CrossTalk host Peter Lavelle and The Duran’s Alex Christoforou take a quick look at the rise in violence from far left ANTIFA fascist groups, that have now taken city and University riots to a much more personal level…harassing conservative voices at restaurants and movie theaters, to now showing up at their homes, threatening harm to those targeted and their family members.

Via The National Review

A group of protesters congregated outside what they claimed was Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s home in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday night to chant threatening messages.

Smash Racism D.C.,…

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